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Cala Luna in Sardegna, Italy


  • Masters in Applied Geography (UNCG)

  • Graduate Certificate in Geospatial Science (NCSU)

  • Level 1 Thermographer

  • UAS Workshop at NCSU

  • Over 15 ESRI Training courses

  • Seven years of geospatial experience

  • Experienced in QGIS, ERDAS and ArcGIS, ArcPro


I've always been fascinated by maps. Maybe it's the shapes, features or colors, or the promise of untold adventures. It was only natural that I would find my way to a career in geospatial science where I could exercise my love of this profession, creating stunning visual representations of time and place. I initiate each project with the same curiosity and passion.

Let's just say the road to this career was long and winding, but I'll share the condensed version. My undergraduate degree was a double major in political science and German. After several years in Germany, working in operations and logistics, I moved back to the US. In 2005 I started graduate school and earned a master's degree in Applied Geography. My thesis on telecommuting, lifestyle choice and geography was selected for publication with an academic publisher and has enjoyed a bit of reprise with remote working studies in these Covid times. 

After my masters degree I wasn't able to relocate for work. My mother had cancer and I needed to be close by for her as much as possible. I also had a child in grade school. During that time I had several work opportunities from home.


When the time came to enter the workforce again I needed to freshen up my skill-set. I really loved working with GIS for my master's degree so I decided to get a graduate certificate in Geospatial Science from NCSU. Remote sensing, geospatial problem solving and surface water hydrology were my favorite classes. 

The first internship I took after my graduate certificate was at The Nature Conservancy. It was truly an amazing experience and it also made me realize how much I loved field work. The people I worked with were the absolute best and so passionate about what they do. 

Since then I've held a variety of positions in geospatial science and performed a variety of work in noise modeling, methane data analysis, utilities mapping and territory planning. Each of these bringing new experiences with problem solving, data cleansing, running scripts and learning new software.

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