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  • Natalie Koe

Procuring Raster Data

Updated: Jan 14

Check out these resources for getting free raster data.

(The Green Swamp with false color and radiometric enhancements in SNAP)

1. EARTHEXPLORER and GloVis This is the USGS arm for raster data. There are twenty different satellite collection sources to choose from. You can use a shapefile or KML file to designate the coverage area you want or zoom in to the visible are on the map. EarthExplorer is the new and improved version of GloVis.

2. Copernicus Access to a global network of thousands of land, air, and marine-based sensors covering Europe and other select areas.

3. Open Street Map and GeoFabrik


5. ESRI Open Data Hub

6. Open Topography

7. UNEP United Nations and FAO GeoNetwork

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