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Raster Visualization with ArcGIS Pro

Updated: May 9

There are so many neat tools in ArcGIS Pro you can use to get amazing visual representations of your raster data. Who doesn't love working with raster data? If you follow the work of John Nelson at Esri, or go to his website, , you can find a wealth of information and how-tos for creating beautiful maps. Here are some of his techniques I've applied to some DEMs for a story map I'm working on.

This is a 2D model of the Linville Gorge Wilderness Area, one of my favorite places to hike and camp. Using the extrude tool in ArcPro is a great way yo draw out the elevation. Although I love trapsing around in the swamps down east, working with elevation is so much fun.

This is a 3D model of neighboring Wilson Creek Gorge in proximity to a parcel of land. The diorama is a great way to show elevation contours if used effectively. You can often see similar applications in hiking or fitness apps to show vertical feet.

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